West Side Story Orchestra with Screening Half Price Boca Raton

Listen to Leonard Bernstein’s magnificent score to West Side Story played live by Festival Orchestra Boca and also watch a high dentition version on a large screen (original vocals and dialogue).
West Side Story is a tale set in the upper west side neighborhood in New Yorks mid 1950s.

The story looks at two rival gangs with different ethnic backgrounds (the Jets and the Sharks). The plot thickens when Tony, an ex member of the Jets falls in love with the leader of the Shark’s sister, Maria. Motivated by love, Tony tries to stop an upcoming rumble between the two gangs and in the attempt to stop the fight, there are two fatal stabbings that shake things up.

In Act 2, Maria is blissfully unaware of what happened during the brawl the night before and is daydreaming of seeing Tony but her emotions take a turn when she finds out that Tony was involved in one of the murders. The story is met with yet another tragic end that prevents true love from blooming.

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