Stranger Things Laser Show at Frost Science Museum Review

Stranger Things Frost Science Museum Laser Show image copyright Netflix
Stranger Things Frost Science Museum Laser Show
Frost Science Museum features a special Friday Night Laser show of Stranger Things

The premier of Stranger Things laser show at the Frost Science Museum featured iconic 80’s music and themes from the hit Netflix original all experienced all in laser extravaganza. The laser show takes place on a dome high in the air in a pitched black room (well mostly pitch black). The audience sits in a movie theater like arrangement and stares up at the ceiling for about an hour as you begin the adventure! Quick tip: When you enter the vestibule before going into the theater, be sure to lign up on both sides of the room since there are two doors that lead into the theatre. Both doors open simultaneously.

This can either be a horrendous experience or a really exciting one, depending on how you feel about 80’s music, Stranger Things, and if you don’t mind having a sore neck after the show.

The performance begins with the eerie music from Stranger Things and then you’re taken on a five chapter journey staring laser depictions from the show and symbols like Eleven’s bloody nose, Eggo waffles, bicycles, and of course the upside down. Each chapter’s theme is accompanied by an 80’s hit song. All of these images and symbols would make more sense if you’ve seen the show. If you haven’t, now to worry, there’s still time to catch it on Netflix before you visit the museum.

The third season of Stranger Things is in production, check out this trailer:

Once the lights dim, the room goes dark, and the show starts, you begin to realize that the laser show is just a laser show set to retro music for 1 solid hour. One hour of lasers coming in and out of everywhere and it can be a bit overwhelming and confusing but stay the course and use your imagination. We suggest letting it all go and just sit back, lean your head and forget that these lasers make images similar to a two year old and just submerge yourself in the experience.

The selection of songs begin with “I wear my sunglasses at night” and sets the stage for memorizing laser which is further augmented by the cardboard glasses provided, which can be worn to enjoy the show or you can choose to view without glasses. In some scenes, we suggest removing them to get a better picture, like during the bicycle scene (you’ll thank us for it later).