St. Roch Market Miami in the Design District

While the original St. Roch Market is in New Orleans, the Miami St. Roch Market is located in the trendy Design District in Miami and features 12 distinct food vendors. You can get a coffee from the Sabal Coffee, grab a taco from Hot Lime, or enjoy a vegan Umami Ramen from Yuzu, all in the same clean and open atmosphere.

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St. Roch Market Miami Review
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st roch market miami
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Each vendor shares unique, fresh, and delicious, drinks, dishes, and delights! You’ll need to visit multiple times to get the full flavor of St. Roch Market. There’s even a swing area to relax before or after your shopping.

Located above ESTEFAN KITCHEN on the second floor, the 10,000 square foot location is more than just a high end food court, it’s a place to disconnect and explore with the entire family.

The prices are a little bloated at St. Roch Miami but then again, the design district tends to follow that trend. With shops like GUCCIBVLGARICARTIER, and GIVENCHY, to name a few, you’ll realize why two tacos cost $10 and a cup of coffee will set you back about $5.

The service is fast and friendly and seating is self serve. This isn’t your fancy sit down restaurant but if you’re into the food hall craze and don’t mind the self service aspect while still tipping, give St. Roch Market in Miami’s Design District a glance.

St. Roch Market Miami is located at: 140 NE 39th St Suite #241 Miami, FL 33137

Open from 8AM to 11PM
Phone: (786) 542-8977