Restaurant Water Bottle Guide

You sit at a restaurant table and the first thing a waiter asks is “What would you like to drink?” For some of us who don’t order soda either because you’re trying to be healthy or because you want to save money, we ask for water. Here’s the moment when you need to decide what type of water you will get and if you’re going to pay for a fancy bottle or drink straight from the tap.

Miami’s tap water is much cleaner than the federal acceptable levels in areas like Coliform Bacteria, Chlorine, Arsenic, Barium, Copper, Fluoride, Sodium, and other measurable contaminants, according to a 2015 report put out by Miami-Dade and Sewer department.

While the safety of our local water is not a huge issue, unless you have a weak immune system, the focus is the high end glass bottles of water sold at restaurants for up to $10 per bottle. Are these bottles worth paying for or should you stick with good ol’ water from our public system?

Here is a quick guide to help you understand the differences between bottled water types, the cost, and shed some light on this billion dollar industry.


Brand Name Source Filtering process Price
Evian Spring Water  French Alps  Natural Source  $3.17  (25.4 oz bottle).13 per oz
 Acqua Panna  Apennines Mountains of Tuscany  Natural Source  $2.90 (33.8 oz bottle).08 per oz
 VOSS  Aquifer of Southern Norway  Natural Source  $6.28 (11.2 oz).06 per oz
 Fiji  Fiji Islands  Natural Source  $1.09 (16.8 oz).06 per oz

*Prices are from to show the most affordable retail cost.  Water details found from respective websites.

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